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Plascon House Tour: Charming Apartment

Just when we thought we were over it, greige makes a big comeback in this cosy one-bedroom 1920s apartment! Carefully preserved old oak parquet flooring adds charm while the decor fills the space with interest and fascinating finds that are visually stimulating!

In the living room a classic collection of prints adorn the wall above the sofa. In muted tones, the gallery wall adds visual interest without overwhelming the senses. A modern brown sofa is simply stunning, perfectly paired with an array of grey scatters that make the couch pop through the warmth of the brown tones. Int he kitchen, a modern full-length custom cabinet makes the most of the small space, and emphasises the high ceilings in this apartment. We also love the mint shade of the cabinets that add subtle cooling tones to this space. The colour perfectly complements the use of greenery that pops throughout this home. Modern black dining chairs are stylish with wooden legs that add richness and a feeling of relaxed style with a flowing grey tablecloth and simplistic table setting. The decor display on the side server is playful yet subdued. A collection of cacti adds warmth and colour to this display while the clever use of a wire frame for a photo display completes this trendy nook. We also love the casualness of this space, enhanced by a raw wooden cabinet that gives it a real, raw and urban edge. The bedroom is neutral and calming, again in greys and whites that complement the overall colour palette of the apartment. Contact: Plascon


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