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Plascon House Tour: Bringing nature back to the City

This plant-filled apartment in Brazil is on a mission- to bring nature back to the concrete jungle! Take a look:

This contemporary space is an unlikely tribute to all things green. In a city where space is limited, and buildings seem to touch the sky, this homeowner has incorporated the wonder of nature into this home. Potted plants litter the open-air balcony and a herb garden thrives in the sun. Hanging plants, creeping ivy and pretty flowers mirror the lush climate of this sunny country. This is urban gardening at its best.

If you were skeptical about adding greenery to a modern home, this apartment should put your mind at ease. While the wrap-around balcony has made this an easy task, we have seen some pretty ingenious ways in which the greenery trend has been achieved. We love the mural in the bedroom- a flight of fantasy in this secret city garden. Contact: Plascon Via

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