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Plascon House Tour: A rustic chic abode

Set in Spain, this home emits a natural rustic chic design that is both welcoming and relaxing – the ideal family holiday home away from home. Based on 100% natural and sustainable materials, this home also beautifully showcases an exquisite mix of textures and materials, giving it a fresh, organic and earthy vibe.

The living room is cosy and inviting. Rustic elements are reiterated throughout the space, from the use of a woven carpet and baskets to an array of raw wooden frames on the shelf adjacent to the fireplace. Here a white interior blends beautifully with the natural wood tones of accent pieces throughout the room. We also love the incorporation of a large shelving unit to help separate this room from the rest of the house. This also serves as the perfect display area for all the owner’s personal memorabilia, books and special decor items. Long flowy drapes add a casual flair to the home – a play of light and air combine in this space, adding to the charm of this place. Not usually a conventional window treatment for a kitchen area, but these beautiful drapes work wonderfully to add to the rustic chic design of the home. The simplistic, rustic farm kitchen oozes warmth and character with open shelving and a well-appointed eating nook adorned with an array of scatters and painted in a uniform beige tone for consistency and flow in this area. Here again, woven rugs are a great addition to the concrete floors and further complement the warmer tones reflected throughout this home. The bedroom is a den of relaxation. Ample textured throws on the bed hint at a comfortable, luxurious stay within this retreat. Hints of grey and mustard further add character and depth to this room. We also love the custom headboard that acts as a storage unit and is the perfect spot to store nightime reading material, a vase and other goodies you would typically store on a bedside table. The wardrobe area also boasts a minimalist design here – with a simple sheer curtain as cover. The bathroom too is a haven and oozes earthy charm with a walk in shower and toilet area. Sinks are found on adjacent walls and there is ample lighting, with wall-mounted fixtures, to maximise the lighting in this space. Contact: Plascon Via

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