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Paint Prime: Select The Right Exterior Paint Colours For Your Home

Choosing paint colours for the exterior of your home can be a tricky task. Not only will it add to the overall look and curb appeal of your home, but choosing the wrong colours can become a very costly mistake. Make the right choice with one of these trendy colour palettes and superior service from Paint Prime.

With Paint Prime you can expect a unique, first of its kind service, offering a ground-breaking new way to serve your contracting, building and renovations. Choose the right subscription plan that works for you and ensure that your home remains in great condition for the future.

So what colours should you consider?

Whether light or dark, exterior paint colours can set the scene and also create the first impression for your entire residence. Our suggestion – consider your road and your neighbours. What do the other homes on your block look like? Are the colours muted, contrasting or a mix of tones? Have a look around at colours and styles that draw you in before making your final decision.

Light tones

Have you noticed that larger estates are often painted white? This is because lighter paint colours often have the ability to make a building appear larger than it is. White is also the most common colour in classic architecture and is often used in traditional styled buildings.

Dark shades

Darker colours are a fun way to add drama to the exterior of a building. If your home has detailed architecture such as pillars or interesting trim, you could use darker colours as an accent. This will help to create definition and also highlight the lighter colours. Darker accents or dark bands of trim will make your house look a little smaller, but will also draw more attention to the finer details.

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