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DIY: Paint Your Fridge with Granny B

We’re all looking for clever ways to reinvent our everyday furniture and appliances. In the kitchen, your old refrigerator may be perfectly functional but may look like an eye-sore. Now you can simply paint your fridge and give it a fresh new look thanks to this simple DIY and advice from our friends at Granny B.

Believe it or not, this is probably one of the top requests received…  how do you go about painting a fridge! Here we share a few simple steps to help you achieve top results and a beautiful new finish for your old fridge! Here are the technical steps: 1) Clean the fridge well with sugar soap or a solution of water, vinegar and lemon juice. 2) Touch up any rust spots with Zinsser 123 – let that dry and sand to smooth. wipe the sanded area clean with a damp cloth. 3) Lay down a coat of Granny B’s Armour sealer and let it dry for an hour. 4) Paint with your chosen colour of Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint – allow an hour between coats. 5) Allow final coat to dry for 12 hours. 6) Seal with Armour – three coats and an hour to dry between coats. 7) Armour cures to full strength in 72 hours – so handle with care during this time. 8) Admire your masterpiece! Keep your fridge in pristine condition by cleaning with a very mild solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water and wipe down as needed. For more visit Granny B.

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