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Annie Sloan: When Alone, Paint Your Feelings

Painting is such beautiful expressive art. Even for professionals like Annie Sloan, the experience of painting takes on many forms.

Says Annie: “I paint when I’m sad, I paint when I’m happy, I paint when I’m busy, I paint when I’m bored, I paint to find inspiration and I paint when inspiration overcomes me! Chalk Paint® in Capri Pink gave me fresh impetus of course, as did my new Stencil Range.”

So, scroll on to see some of Annie’s own interpretation of these beauties…perhaps they will inspire you, too!


Psychedelic Colours

Ta da! First things first, this is Annie’s own psychedelic Indian cabinet. Inspired by the gentle, earthy, lentil side of psychedelia rather than the trippy, Beatles, acid side. Much easier to live with…

Here, Annie used earthy tones of Olive and Honfleur to anchor the Capri Pink. Although the contrast between these “dirty” shades makes Capri Pink look *even brighter* they also add gravitas, bringing out the more serious side to this inherently joyful colour. We find it all really rather rewarding how the colours work together here. Says Annie: “I was delighted to do justice to this piece of furniture which I brought home from India with me.”

Paisley Garland Floral

Next up, we have a short video of Paisley Garland Floral Stencil in action! Annie used the stencil on this sideboard in warm, spicy, evocative Chalk Paint colours Tilton (the base) and Honfleur (the design). The mustard yellow and chocolate brown make for a lovely, comforting combination and the warmth of the yellow highlights the cool tones in the brown. It, therefore, brings out an almost purple hue. Isn’t colour theory incredible!

Pretty in Pink

Finally, let’s combine the two elements! This chair is painted using Chalk Paint in Capri Pink, with Chateau Grey details (again with the colour contrasts) and Clear Chalk Paint Wax to protect.

This chair took two hours to paint, dry and wax. It really is that quick and that easy. No sanding, no stressing; just fun, pleasant, listening-to-radio-4 painting. Says Annie: “I actually completed the transformation from boring brown dining chair with superficial damage (scratches and water stains to the wood work) to a throne fit for a Raj with so much time to spare that I was even able to paint the rug!”

Isn’t Chalk Paint simply delightful! Visit Annie Sloan for more inspo.

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