Home Decorating Trends: Four Tips for Feature Walls

Feature walls serve as a canvas where you can try out a colour or a design on a smaller scale, allowing you to create a simple yet high impact focal point in any room in your home. Having said that, feature walls can appear as delightful bursts of colour, sheen, shine, and pattern, bringing individual style to the room.

Creating an accent wall is simpler and more affordable than it looks. The first thing you need to do is to pick an empty wall you can decorate with an uninterrupted theme. Make it a point to choose your feature wall carefully. Chimney breasts are usually popular choices since they are already centrally positioned within a space, easily making it the focal point of a room, especially if a fire is already fitted. If you don’t have chimney breast, select a single wall instead. Assess all the furniture in the room and think about how it will look as soon as your feature wall design is implemented.

Sometimes, it’s best to go for a wall at the less crowded side of the room, or one that features a window or doorway if you want to add interest. If your room is smaller and busier than usual, you may want to consider only giving a portion of wall feature treatment. This can work brilliantly in a corner. If painting, be sure to mask off carefully, or incorporate an architrave as a way of adding a hard edge to define the space. The simplest ways to accentuate a feature wall it is through painting it a shade different from the other walls in the room, applying wallpaper, hanging up artwork, putting up travel souvenirs, or displaying family, photos.

For maximum impact, try a hand at contrasting colors and bold designs. But if you’re going for a gentler approach, use muted patterns and toning shades. Remember, in order to create a cohesive design scheme that includes your accent wall, add in pillows or other accessories of the same color into the room. One of the most delightful aspects of designing a feature wall is the opportunity to try out various expensive paints, wallpapers, finishes, and accessories in small and affordable quantities. With that said, here’s a look at four fabulous ideas to help add a dramatic focal point in your home:

  • Incorporate stunning geometric print.

All it takes to make an impressive statement is to give a room some oomph. Fantastic wallpaper is one of the most foolproof ways to catch the eye. Add the much needed wow factor to your scheme with a stunning geometric print, allowing it to stand out boldly against a neutral backdrop. Modern geometric designs are a rising trend, so it won’t be difficult for you to find them on the market.

  • Paint one wall a punchy colour.

If you’re not the type of person to go for bold patterns and ostentatious prints, then go ahead and pick a punchy paint colour to help set off your décor. Use a vivid shade to breathe life into your room, starting off with a neutral base and layering up with rich tones. Apply a fresh colour choice along with calming neutrals that will offset your powerful accent wall. But if you want a wall that grabs more attention compared to one that’s only painted with a single colour, then paint the wall in a vibrant shade and incorporate a stripe detail in a complementary hue. You can also take the effect to the ceiling, allowing the design to bring even more impact into your room.

  • Work with neutrals.

Simple and solid elegance is what the ideal Scandinavian design aspires to be. Monochromatic tones instead of traditional hues are what many people opt to use when to feature walls. Contrary to popular opinion, black, white, and grey, can be powerful colours to work within your accent wall. Keep in mind that feature wall doesn’t only have to be painted solid; it can also become an interesting black and white painting if you wish.

  • Perk up a children’s room with polka dots.

Kids’ rooms are places where the rules don’t apply, so be as playful as you want to be when designing one. If you want to add an extra element of fun into the environment, why not use polka dots? Some feature walls are actually less about being bold and more about having fun. Carefully positioned black dots against a white background have a certain light quality about it that’s ideal for a children’s room. It makes a statement without necessarily overwhelming the space. You can also easily add accessories in classic primary colours over the neutral design.

Decorating a feature wall isn’t as difficult as it seems. For these and other great tips visit Top Reveal and now that you’ve learned these four tips, you can easily transform your room and turn any wall of your choice into a feature wall.


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