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Woodtailors Club: 70’s Trends Are Back in Vogue

70’s design trends are back to stay. Rattan, walnut wood, and linen with a modern design approach are the unmissable pieces of the season. Discover the latest from Woodtailors Club and bring a trendy 70’s look into your space.

Brummel Bar Stool

Famous for his friendship with the Prince of Wales, Beau Brummell was deemed the leader of fashion at the beginning of the 19th Century. Beau, the father of dandyism, stands alone as the forefather of the men’s style by introducing the suit and tie. Inspired by the arbiter of men’s fashion and the timeless rattan trend, the Wood Tailors designers conceived this Brummell Bar Stool.

Designed for sophisticated home bar spaces, the Brummell Bar Stool is a rustic bar stool that provides a clean structure exquisitely handcrafted in walnut wood. Furthermore, it is upholstered in cotton velvet, featuring a rattan back seat. The stool is both made for comfort and appeal. A visually appealing seating addition to any décor.

Crockford Wood Sofa

Structured in walnut wood upholstered in linen, with carefully handcrafted rattan details, the Crockford Sofa honours William Crockford and his Gentlemen’s Club which caught the attention of every English celebrity back in 1827. A simpler version of this piece (rattan free) was also created, which is the perfect choice if you are looking for a more minimalist style.

To create an atmosphere of permanent elegance with a touch of grandiosity, the Crockford Sofa subsequently suits a room full of personality.

George Dining Chair

A membership application in a privileged club sometimes requires an endorsement by at least one club member. So, inspired by the symbolism of the act, George Dining Chair takes the name of King George VI, a noble king who provided leadership and strength.

George Dining Chair, one of the Wood Tailors’ Bestsellers, is made of solid walnut wood with rigorous handcraft expertise and its round seat is upholstered in linen. Along with carefully selected wood, George Dining Chair is enriched with the rattan on its back giving it a classy touch.

Blake Ladder Shelf

William Blake is a famous poet and artist. It’s his vision, spirituality and intense work that gave the Blake Ladder Shelf a name.  With a meticulous handcraft production, Blake Ladder Shelf is built in a carefully selected walnut wood. It is finished with a natural matte varnish and enriched with its geometric patterned marquetry work inlaid on some of its shelves. Its pocket details come in genuine leather and aged brushed brass, along with its eight leaning legged structure. Subsequently, it keeps a modern, unique silhouette and provides a majestic statement.

Tom Folding Mirror

In order to preserve the essence of natural materials, the Wood Tailors Club’s designers expanded its handcrafted collection and designed the Tom Folding Mirror. It is named after Tom Stacey, a British writer and gentleman, who was also the founder of Wotton’s Society in the field of philosophy.

Tom Folding Mirror is crafted in walnut wood by Portuguese Artisans. It features rattan and linen accents on its doors. Furthermore, it evokes a modern yet classic aesthetic design.

Martin Globe Bar

Best known for his famous Erdapfel, the world’s oldest surviving globe, Martin von Behaim was a German textile merchant and cartographer. He served Portugal as an adviser during the Portuguese Discoveries in matters of navigation. Preserving the historic legacy, Wood Tailors Club designers conceived the Martin Globe Bar.

The bar is handcrafted in walnut wood and finished with a natural varnish. Highlights include the aged copper globe, manually hammered. For modern rustic design lovers, the Martin Globe Bar is a must-have. It is perfect to house your exclusive bottles.

Bring an air of sophistication into your interior with these trending 70’s-inspired pieces from Woodtailors Club. Here you’ll find a collection that is both timeless and eye-catching

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