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Furniture Jun 30, 2020

Woodenways: 5 Common Mistakes When Decorating Your House

We’ve all scrolled through Pinterest to find that perfect decorated space but didn’t succeed in replicating the look. Well, we’ve asked the team from Woodenways to help us create the perfect space. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when decorating your home.

1. Expectation vs reality

On the subject of Pinterest, we can easily be given an unrealistic dream when we are scrolling through this idea sparking app. But the reality is that most of those perfectly placed images are staged by a professional interior decorator to create that specific image.

What is the lesson: It is always good to get an idea of what you want, but be cautious of what your space allows. Our inhouse stylist can help you to determine how your space can be best utilised for the idea you have.

2. Quality vs quantity

Haven’t we all heard of the saying that quality over quantity is always the best option? Well in this case it’s true. The line between quality and quantity can get a little foggy when you start to spend money.

Our advice is: Keep with your respected budget and plan thoroughly. And also, be willing to postpone the great unveiling of your brand-new space for a couple of months. Take your time when buying big pieces and do research on the products you’re interested in. At the end of the day you will have pieces of furniture that can last you a lifetime.

3. Spacing

Oi Vey! The headache of squeezing the perfect couch into your tiny apartment living room is anyone’s worst nightmare. But that’s why you are here isn’t it? Before purchasing any furniture, be sure to measure your space first. Be diligent in your decision because there is nothing more frustrating when buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit through a hall or doorway!

Here’s a little hint: Make sure you know where your power outlets are when buying lamps. You can thank me later!

4. Clutter

You’ve made it this far and now it’s time to follow Marie Kondo’s methods – say thank you and goodbye to that old and welcome to the new! Think practical when decluttering your home. Think of how often you use the items and what is the reason for having it. Decluttering means letting go of the old and making space for the new look you dream of.

Hint: When buying new furniture, look out for pieces with drawers and cupboards – it helps hiding away items you still use but doesn’t necessarily want to display.

6. Professional help

When in doubt ask for help! Hiring a professional decorator can cause a dent in your budget. But luckily for you, Woodenways offers free professional advice. Visit one of their showrooms for the promised Woodenways experience. What’s more is that they are currently having their biggest sale ever with a warehouse clearance sale by visiting a showroom close to you while stock lasts. Remember, Woodenways delivers nationwide too!

Find a showroom in:

– Pretoria

– Hermanus

– Mbombela

– Kramerville

– Bethal

For more visit Woodenways.


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