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Furniture Jun 26, 2024

Embrace Warm Minimalism & Enhance Longevity with ProNature

Embrace warm minimalism and create a serene and inviting interior that celebrates the beauty of natural materials. ProNature makes it possible – promoting longevity and functionality. 


Here are some tailored tips and product recommendations:

Neutral Colour Palette:

Stick to neutral tones such as whites, beiges, soft greys, and earthy hues for your walls, furniture, and decor. ProNature wood sealer’s colours like Smoke, Natural Light, Haze, White Lion, and Golden Jackal evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere, naturally.

Natural Wood Elements:

Incorporate wood furniture, flooring, and accents to bring texture into your space. Choose high-quality, sustainably sourced wood pieces and treat them with ProNature Wood Sealer to enhance their natural beauty while protecting them from wear and tear.

Sleek and Simple Furniture:

Opt for minimalist furniture with clean lines and understated impressions, like Pedersen + Lennard! Their aim to create focused furniture with a timeless aesthetic and great attention to detail. With a hope that each Pedersen + Lennard piece will be cherished and passed down from one generation to the next.


The Creators believe in the power of minimalism, which translates into stylish functional furniture designs. Their dedication to sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes guarantees that each piece is made with love and respect for the environment.

Pedersen & Lennard‘s philosophy is concentrated on making furniture that can easily fit into any living area, with an emphasis on locally sourced materials and a strong eye for detail. Their styles are versatile, allowing customers to personalize each piece to their taste and preferences, ensuring that each creation is unique and personal.


By combining the principles of warm minimalism with the use of ProNature Wood Sealer and modern design of Pedersen + Lennard, you can create a serene and inviting interior that celebrates the beauty of natural materials while promoting simplicity and functionality. Breathe easy!

Want to see the whole range of the products? Contact and visit them at the showroom.
ProNature: 6A Donnington Road. Killarney Gardens, Cape Town,
phone: +27 21 556 1238, whatsapp: +27 67 329 8943, mail: howzit@pronature.co.za

Pedersen+Lennard: 24 Napier Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town
phone: 21 447 2020, mail: admin@pedersenlennard.co.za

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