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Furniture Jun 28, 2024

Creating Your Perfect Home Office with JB Furniture

In today’s remote work era, having a home office that both inspires and motivates you is crucial.  JB Furniture understands the importance of creating a workspace that’s not just functional, but also a joy to be in. Here’s a closer look at some favourite home office pieces, including their workstations, writing desks, bookshelves, and consoles, each designed to give your productivity and style a massive boost!


Workstations: Your Command Centre.

Think of this workstation as the heart of your home office. Whether you’re tackling a big project or simply need a spot to gather your thoughts, the Plug & Play Workstation is up for the task. It’s generously sized to accommodate dual monitors and all your office essentials. Plus, its sleek design, high-quality materials and built in USB and Regular Power Plugs make it a fantastic and functional centrepiece for your home office.


Writing Desks: Classic and Functional.

For those who appreciate the charm of traditional furniture, our Writing Desks are an excellent choice. Take the Havant Writing Desk, for instance. With its timeless design and elegant finishes available in a hand technique Hollyhock with either a matching top or an Oak top finished in our in-house Gunsmoke Finish. It provides a comfortable workspace that can make even the longest workdays feel a bit more indulgent.


Bookshelves: Organize with Style.

A tidy office is a productive office, and the Hudson Bookshelves are just what you need to keep things in order. They come in either Ash with a Cotton white Finish or Oak with a Smoke finish offering ample storage for your books, files, and decorative items. Built to last and designed to impress, these bookshelves bring both order and elegance to any workspace.

Consoles: Versatility and Beauty.

Consoles are perhaps the unsung heroes of home office furniture. Our range includes versatile and stylish pieces like the Reed Console in Gunsmoke Ash. It offers practical storage solutions while maintaining a sleek, contemporary look. Use it to keep your office essentials within reach, all while ensuring your space remains tidy and visually appealing.

With remote work here to stay, it’s essential to create a home office that meets your needs all while inspiring you every day. JB Furniture’s collection combines style, functionality and quality, ensuring your workspace is as productive as it is beautiful.

We invite you to visit the website to explore a full range of furniture. Let’s start creating the home office of your dreams. With JB Furniture, working from home becomes a truly enjoyable experience.
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