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The VOX Furniture Revolution is Here

A furniture revolution has hit South African shores with the launch of VOX Furniture. South Africans now have an opportunity to redefine their use of space with furniture that caters to the daily needs of people within their homes. A gap in the South African furniture market has now been bridged with furniture that is of the highest standards of quality and functionality.

VOX is a Polish interior design brand that has been strengthening its position as one of the most innovative companies in the European furniture sector since 1989. VOX believes that real freedom begins at home, and the way the brand organises living spaces has a great influence on the daily lives of the consumer. Through the brand’s design thinking methodology, VOX products have been created, as the answer to people’s actual needs. Multidisciplinary teams that, apart from designers, consist of psychologists, ethnographers and sociologists develop VOX products. What does this mean for the South African consumer? South Africans now have the opportunity to purchase furniture that has multi-functional usage, with sought after storage and conversion capabilities, and a modern contemporary clean-lined look and feel easily available at their fingertips and delivered directly to their doorstep through VOX. How will this transform South African’s ways of living?

The different VOX ranges understand that as hard working individuals, people need to come home to a space that inspires functionality, creativity and a perfect arrangement of space. In this understanding, you will find that the different furniture ranges are elegant, of the highest standards in quality and bring life to even the smallest of rooms. From cozy dinner parties with loved-ones at the dinner table to sleek storage solutions with a range of chest sets, bookshelves, and multi-functional furniture, VOX understands what is needed to build a home that is comfortable and family orientated. Their ranges are innovative and versatile without compromising on comfort. Every day brings with it more and more things that are difficult to part with. With the VOX range of furniture, these things will always be at an arm’s length. Whether you are looking for a modern bookcase to suit your contemporary home, a functional desk for your workspace or simply a coffee table to round off your living space, VOX will help you keep things tidy. Never worry about a lack of storage, as the different VOX ranges offer ample. From a sleek selection of chest of drawers to a double bed inclusive of storage headboard to a two-sided desk for your kids’ bedroom – redefine what you think furniture can do. VOX definitely sets a new benchmark. Clever Little Monkey Pty Ltd exclusively distributes VOX Furniture to the South African market. For more visit VOX furniture.

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