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Mar 8, 2019

True Design: Take A Seat In a Designer Chair

Increase the designer edge of your home with stylish seating from Cassina, now available from True Design.

An extensive range of designer chairs from Cassina is conceived for a variety of uses and furnishing styles, from home settings to work and representative spaces. The evolution of the icons of the great masters of architecture – reissued with absolute respect for the authentic pieces – meets with the new shapes of contemporaneity, from clean-cut geometries and minimalist proportions to smooth and sinuous shapes.

In a continuous balance of stability and lightness, high comfort merges with meticulous attention to the most exclusive details and executions, revealing perfect stitching on fine leathers and creative constructions in wood or aluminium.

The versatile shapes of Cassina designer stools and chairs are further enhanced by sleek materials and intense, rich colours used to customize the distinctive upholstery and ultra-soft padding through a wide range of special treatments and finishes.

Each piece is synonymous with the company’s profound craftsman sensitivity, delivering a perfect synthesis of design and functionality.

560 Back Wing:

The frame, in solid ashwood, consists of basic big, bold legs and cross-pieces with a solid and energetic look. The innovative nature of this chair springs from the contrast between the strong lines of the frame and the slender, understated covers, draped like a sheet of paper, conveying a striking sense of movement. The ergonomically-correct angle of the back and the invisible upholstery augment the comfortable look of the chair, creating a wrap-around feel where the turned-down top of the back becomes the arm-rest. The overall look is enhanced thanks to the elegant finishing touches, no stitching in sight, and a delicate leather-trim delineating the edges of the back and seat.

140 Cotone:

The inspiration for the design of this armchair is rooted in the great classics of Cassina, once again the benchmark or its ability to create highly expressive models with high-end artisanal and industrial content. These are the foundations for a 4-legged armchair that immediately stands out for the strong contrast between its minimalist, rigorous and highly elegant rigid supporting structure, produced from aluminium with extruded profiles, specially created for this model, and the seat: very soft and welcoming seat, produced entirely from down, which almost seems to be propped up.

646 Leggera

The Cassina wooden chair is making a comeback. This chair adapts effortlessly to different environments and meets a broad range of aesthetic and economic needs. A new lease of life for a historic model which highlights the company’s expert craftsmanship, the perfect embodiment of the ‘MedaMade’ brand.

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