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Topolansky: A Look At The Vintage Armchair

A house becomes a home when we fill it with passion, character and pieces that are dear to our hearts. A vintage armchair is one such possession that can easily bring a sense of lived-in charm to our homes. It is the ideal piece that can become an heirloom for future generations.

Vintage furniture is a sure way to bring depth and tone to your interior design. There is nothing as beautiful and charming as a vintage item that tells a story and brings a sense of purpose and memorabilia to a space. Its appeal is often timeless and its worth priceless. Choosing a vintage or antique item to enhance your home should be a special occasion as we pick out those pieces that will become a part of our home’s story and history.

Topolansky Fine Furniture have recognised the importance of beautiful vintage finds and today they bring us a range of unique armchairs with classic, vintage appeal.

Beautiful aged leather adds character to a vintage armchair. Place one in your sitting room or man cave and create a special space that you can enjoy at your leisure. Topolansky’s unique style plays with tradition, looks at the classics with modern eyes, and produces something fresh, exciting and current.

Topolansky Fine Furniture, the brand, offers products designed and made using a number of natural materials, authentic handcraftsmanship and traditional fabrication techniques. It seeks to combine pieces into a distinctive and unique look that appeals to the discerning buyer of high quality furniture.


Shop one of these timeless armchairs at Topolansky.

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