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Top Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Big on style but small on space? No problem. Here we share some top storage ideas for smaller bedrooms.

Whether we’re looking for a place to stow away seasonal clothing, pack shoes, or organize makeup – the bedroom is often the first port of call and must house so many of our precious items! But what do we do when space is limited? We get creative of, course. And here’s how you can get creative with storage in your master suite too…

Invest in Built-Ins

Built-in cabinets and cupboards are one of the best storage solutions for just about any room, and more so in a contemporary or smaller bedroom. You can have your built-ins custom designed to suit your every need and available space. If you have an awkward corner in a room, a custom built-in can maximise the space and offer you valuable storage in an otherwise underused area of the room.

The best thing about built-ins is that you can plan the different storage zones perfectly. Drawers, hanging space and shelving can be carefully plotted into the layout to make the most of your space.

Floating Shelves

Make the most of a smaller bedroom and install floating shelves on underused walls. This will give you more floor space and storage capacity as you need it. And what about a stylish wrap-around shelving system around your bed? This could easily double as a space to display your books and decor!

You could also think outside of the box and install shelving in unconventional spaces – such as above a doorway or window. We suggest taking a good, long look at your room and think of the possibilities. You may be surprised by the results!

Space-Saving Furniture

In a smaller bedroom or children’s room, space-saving furniture such as a wall-mounted desk can instantly transform the room. Modular or adjustable furniture is often a great bet for your little one’s room and can change as they grow and their needs develop. In a smaller bedroom, modular furniture items often offer versatility and added storage when you need it most.


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