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Feb 14, 2017

The perfect Pilgrimage Livingspaces Valentine’s Day

Who says Valentine’s Day needs to be red. We prefer blue as the symbol for love, evoking calm and soothing thoughts of escaping to a tropical, off the beaten track paradise with our loved one.

Add our gorgeous exotic handmade pieces to heighten the mood and we could not think of a better way to celebrate this special day. The Senang Hati Bali Cabinet meaning happy heart in Balinese is a perfect valentine’s emotive piece; if the name does not say it all take a look at the doors with its heart shaped panelling. PilgrimagelivingSpaces7 Let’s set the perfect Pilgrimage Livingspaces Valentine’s Day scene: Entering the space, your eye catches the striking geometric hand loomed dhurrie and swiftly moves to the magnificently bold hand painted Neela Almira. On the nearby wall you are drawn to the gentle shimmer of the mother of pearl bird inlay mirror.

Out the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of the yellow ceremonial Bali umbrella set up on the beach, its presence entices you to wonder over where you discover the intriguing keben baskets and masala spice box packed with treats. Add in the view of the glistening ocean, swaying palm trees and your loved one and the scene is set. Each piece emits the emotion of the perfect Valentine’s Day. Why not live this day every day? 88PILGRIMAGE-(2) Contact: Pilgrimage Livingspaces

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