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The Joshua Tree – Recycling With Creativity For Employment

We absolutely love creative projects that boost the economy and that gives back to the people who need it most. The Joshua tree is one such innovative recycling project that creates handcrafted products while focusing on community upliftment.

The Joshua tree is passionate about three things:

  • Upcycling beautiful old wine barrels
  • Making stunning, excellent quality handmade furniture and home products
  • And most importantly, imparting carpentry skills.


Every single product has been designed and crafted by one of the team, all of whom have learnt their carpentry skills through the Joshua tree. The end result is a feast for the senses – a creative project brought to life by someone who has acquired the skills to do the craft. The team have gone on to become amazing carpenters and artisans, creating stunning bespoke orders and high-quality furniture, thanks to the invaluable experience gained through the Joshua Tree.

As a skills centre, Joshua Tree believes in giving back to the community and they take a holistic approach to each member of the team and their families.

When you purchase once of the artisan products you are supporting a dream to create skills and employment in the local community.

All in the name

The name originates from Joshua in the Bible. The business is therefore built on Christian principles as Joshua carried the characteristics of courage, determination and most importantly faith. There is also an actual tree in Arizona called a Joshua tree. This tree grows in the desert and has roots that go down up to 15 meters to draw water. The analogy derived from this was a symbol of drawing deep from God as the ultimate source. And the word ‘tree’ because wood is the main source of raw material.

Find out more about this innovative project online at The Joshua Tree.


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