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Mar 2, 2018

The Crown Collection

As the name suggests, The Crown Collection oozes a sense of luxury, regality and refined elegance as SA’s largest collection of antique, French, and contemporary furniture and accessories. Comparable to top-notch decorative antique stores in London, New York or Paris, The Crown Collection boasts thousands of decorative pieces – transforming spaces into dreams!

The Crown Collection stocks over 5000 items which form a curated collection of not only antiques but various periods and styles of furniture and accessories specifically chosen for their decorative appeal. As antiques cost much the same as new upmarket furniture and continue to increase in value over time, antiques make for a worthwhile investment. In addition, we are seeing an emerging trend to combine old with new; antique with contemporary furniture; to create a stylish and sophisticated look that adds warmth and character to the most modern of spaces. As the interior designer, Charlotte Moss says: “There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future”. You will surely be spoiled for choice with the many offering available at The Crown Collection. The Crown Collection stocks:

  • 140+ Armoires, Cupboards, Linen Presses, Book Cases
  • 230+ Chairs & Benches
  • 150+ Candlesticks & Candelabras
  • 160+ Chandeliers, Lanterns & Lamps
  • 70+ Chests, Chest of Drawers, Kists & Trunks
  • 135+ Clocks & Grandfather Clocks
  • 320+ Mirrors in all shapes and sizes
  • 230+ Tables, Side Tables, Pedestals, Desks, Servers & Sideboards
  • 50+ Sofas, Settees, Chaises & Daybeds
  • Hundreds of pieces of Silver and Crystal accessories.

“As people evolve, so too should their homes to reflect their unique personalities, individual style and sense of expression.“ – Jacqui Moskovitz, Owner – The Crown Collection. For more visit The Crown Collection.

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