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Furniture Sep 15, 2020

THE AMANZI CONSCIOUS COLLECTION – Eco furniture that leaves a legacy without leaving a mark

Homewood has decided to cement themselves within the conscious collective by continuing to make manufacturing choices that respect Mother Nature and her people. They do this by making eco furniture that celebrates natural life from hand to home. The Amanzi Conscious Collection has the vision of giving back to the earth. 

 Using local alien invasive and water-thirsty trees that dry up our precious waterways, they craft furniture with the same luxury feel and quality that you’re used to, saving on costs to you and the planet. The Amanzi Conscious Collection restores natural balance to local environments by creating a demand for the removal of invasive woods like Cottonwood, River Red Gum and Blackwood. For all of their ranges, types of furniture, and custom pieces, they offer the option of making your chosen piece up from these woods. 

Would you like to become a part of a new generation of considerate consumers? Shop furniture that doesn’t cost the Earth.

The Amanzi Conscious Collection

Cottonwood – varies in colour from a light cream to a pale yellow-brown. 

Duzu Triangle Restaurant – Hex

Plasma – Omusha 3 Drawer Cottonwood Oil

Japanese Cedar – a beautiful and affordable wood choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Kholeti Dining Table, Paindane SLIM Chair, Ubuhle Bench

Paindane Jap Cedar

Blackwood – A premium wood for both indoor and outdoor furniture. This is one of the most beautiful woods we work with – especially when an oiled finish is used 

Imbiza Full Uphol – Nguni

Imbiza Full Uphol – Nguni


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