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The African Touch: 4 Fabulous Safari Camp Field Bars

The age-old skills of the master cabinet maker are largely lost in the modern world. In Africa people work with wood from a young age. The well educated people of Zimbabwe therefore make ideal candidates to learn the skills of the master craftsmen. The furniture built at The African Touch reflects the qualities of the materials used and the superb skills of local craftsmen. Here we share just four of the amazing products on offer…

The Hemingway Field Bar

The Hemingway Field Bar is named after Ernest Hemingway, American novelist and journalist who loved to Safari in Africa. This is an exceptional piece of cabinetry providing secure storage for 14 crystal glasses, 2 decanters and 8 bottles. The fold down front makes an excellent mixing tray. The beautifully styled legs fold together when the drinks cabinet is moved. A useful addition to the Field Bar is The African Touch Canvas Wash Stand, useful as an ice bucket to cool your favourite bottle.

The Campaign Field Bar

The Campaign Field Bar is designed in the tradition of Campaign Furniture of the 18th and 19th century. At that time Safaris were becoming popular in Africa and the knock-down, portable nature of Campaign furniture made it ideal for Safaris. It is based on the larger Hemingway Field bar but does not come standard with the folding legs. It has an internal construction of 6 x 3 compartments for bottles and glasses. The front door folds conveniently to form a mixing table. We offer an optional extra version of our Tray Table as a stand for the Campaign Field Bar. This has the advantage of doubling up as very useful drinks tray!

The Safari Field Bar

The Safari Field Bar is a rugged version of our Field Bar family. Built primarily for use in Safari vehicles, it has a total of 16 compartments. A tough canvas cover to protect your field bar on bumpy roads is an optional extra. The cover has heavy duty zips to quickly open up when you feel a thirst coming on!

The Mini Field Bar

The Mini Field Bar is the smallest version of our famous field bar family. It has 4 compartments for bottles, and 4 to keep your finest crystal glasses safe! It is ideally suited for a surprise presentation in your guest suit. Safari Lodge managers who have placed these in their rooms tell us that guests can’t stop talking about it!

Find these and some other amazing products online at The African Touch.

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