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Take A Seat With SHF & Our Top Chair Trends

Do you know the difference between a side chair and a club chair; an armchair and an occasional chair? Take heart, because we’re bringing you the low down on all these different styles and where they best fit in your interior. Take a seat on one of these beautiful offerings from SHF.

Occasional Chairs

Also known as accent chairs, occasional chairs are a great choice for added seating in a living room, or even in a bedroom. They are usually more compact than a sofa, and comfier than your standard side chair.

It’s all in the name too. An occasional chair is just that, a chair that is used occasionally. They may not be required for everyday use in your home, but often become essential when you have visitors over. As an ‘accent’ in your home, these chairs are also typically chosen because of their decorative value. They can therefore help to accentuate and add style to any given room.

When it comes to size, some occasional chairs are petite while others are oversized or dramatic in size and design. These options can act as a conversation piece in your home. Bold colour choices and interesting upholstery and fabrics can make them very appealing. Our suggestion? Choose a beautifully u0pholstered piece in a bold fabric choice to make a real statement in your home.


If comfort is what you are after, an armchair may be a top choice. This is because an armchair is usually cushioned with support on each side, making for a very comfy place to sit. As the name suggests, an armchair can thus be described as a comfortable chair with sides that support your arms. Whereas occasional chairs and club chairs may not always feature arms on either end, your typical armchair certainly will.

Armchairs can also be standout features in your home. Available in a variety of finishes and materials, you can really create a high-end look at home, with a beautiful armchair, or two, in your living room. Velvet, leather, and textured upholstery are some popular choices.

Club Chairs

Club chairs, also known as smoking chairs, are leather seats often found in traditional-styled homes, as well as high-end clubs, bars and restaurants. The leather makes these chairs a durable choice in the home. Their size also makes them a comfortable seat in any room.

Unlike your typical armchair, club chairs do not necessarily have to have arms. They do usually have a typical style, however. Some of the defining qualities of a club chair include a deep low seat with thick upholstery. It may also feature a rather low back with heavy sides and arms.

While leather is traditionally the covering of choice, club chairs now come in various fabric options to fit into different environments.

Side Chairs

Unlike an armchair or club chair, a side chair is typically more compact. Side chairs are usually found in the dining room and feature a solid, visible frame, an open or solid back, and open arms, or no arms at all. They are also typically sold as a set, which you can then place around your dining table.

Besides use in the dining room, side chairs are great options as extra seating in your living room, They are also not very bulky, which means you can easily place them in an underused area in your home, and bring them out when added seating is required.

No matter their shape or size, modern seating remains an essential part of our everyday lives. So whether you’re looking for a comfy armchair or a more practical side chair, be sure to do your research and find the most suitable options that work best for you.

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