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Jan 11, 2020

Step Inside Aarhus Airport

Airports are generally busy, public spaces where function typically is more important than form. At Aarhus Airport, however, designers chose a look that would feel welcoming and stylish to enhance the overall feel and ambience of this public space.

Working with Aarhus Airport and architect Mette Faarup Jørgensen of AM PM, the goal of this project was to create an airport that did not feel like an airport. HAY furniture was selected to enhance the many spaces, from coffee tables and shelving systems to comfy sofas and more.

Aarhus is part of the East Jutland Metropolitan area, which has the fastest growing population in Denmark.

In order to establish a more personal and comfortable travel environment, High- and Low-Back Silhouette Sofas were paired with Rebar Coffee Tables, and Uchiwa Lounge Tables gathered around Slit Tables, offering visitors the feeling of sitting in someone’s living room.

To create a sense of privacy and intimacy, Mette Faarup Jørgensen chose to use New Order shelving systems as room dividers, creating small, intimate environments as well as facilitating storage and display.

Architect Mette Faarup Jørgensen is an industrial designer and founder of AM PM Studio. She often works with Comwell hotels creating unique interior solutions.

Designers and Location Aarhus Airport and architect Mette Faarup Jørgensen

Inova Contracts is the agent in SA for HAY.

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