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Dec 4, 2019

SHF Home: Pouffes, Benches & Extra Seating For Small Spaces

In smaller interiors, we often have to get creative with extra seating to accommodate our needs. Thankfully, furniture suppliers like SHF Home are quick on the trend with stylish pouffes, benches and more for modern homes.

The humble bench

No longer are benches confined to outdoor use alone. Bring a stylish interior bench inside – add it to your dinner table or living room and instantly add more seating capacity. What about a stylish upholstered bench in a breakfast nook or at your kitchen table? The options certainly are endless.

Modern versions include beautiful upholstered uppers and a mix of wood or metal frames for added elegance. You can purchase a bench to suit your design style or allow it to bring contrast and texture to a space. Definitely more than just a functional piece of furniture, the humble bench is fast becoming a stylish addition to the home.

Pouffe Pleasure

If you’re looking for a playful yet functional seat that won’t take up too much space in the living room, then a pouffe may be the ideal solution. Not only is this far more affordable than a larger seat, it will also take up less space and can easily be moved around to suit your needs. We love bright pops of colour in playful pouffes and that added textural quality with velvets and plush upholstery.

Shop some of our favourites now available from SHF Home:


The great thing about an ottoman is that it may often double as a table top or even a storage solution with interior space where you can house some of your essentials. Stylish ottomans are great versatile pieces that can be used in almost any room. Large upholstered ottomans can take centre stage in the living room and be styled with decor and accent pieces to suit your room.

The simple stool:

Stools should never be overlooked, especially during the holiday season where you may be entertaining and in need of extra seating that you can quickly whip out to seat visitors. A stool often does not take up much space and can be used in different ways. A stylish wooden stool would make a fascinating bedside table, or add a small stool to a guest loo and style with towels for a chic look.

Whatever your choice, the options are many when you’re looking for added storage for a smaller space.

Shop some of our favourites featured above at SHF Home.

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