SHF: Get Creative With Captivating Cocktail Cabinets for Christmas

Entertain in style this festive season and bring the cheer home with a gorgeous cocktail cabinet to impress your guests. SHF brings us a range of captivating cocktail cabinets that are ideal for your Christmas parties and home entertaining this season!

Find the perfect spot to store your drinks and glasses and invest in a quality cabinet produced for that purpose alone – to become the new showstopper piece in your entertainment room as a functional and stylish home for your cocktail mixes and accessories.

Look for a cabinet with ample storage and one that fits into the overall scheme of your room. A statement piece may work to add drama and style, so consider your options and invest in a worthwhile item to elevate your space.

The Hudson Drinks Storage from SHF is the perfect piece to make a statement! Boasting a mesmerizing pattern on the doorfront, this stylish cabinet is made from quality Asiatic Eco Wood in India – sure to bring added sophistication and craftsmanship to your abode.


A blend of Scandi design and mid-century style is also very much on trend at present. Achieve this look with the SHF’s Chevron storage unit in a beautiful wooden finish. As a cocktail cabinet this would make a perfect piece to add a stylish touch to seasonal parties, celebrations and special occasions. This cabinet is made from engineered oak and boasts a stunning Chevron Gold pattern in an almond single storage unit that is simple eye-catching and beautifully modern.


The Bourbon Drinks Cabinet from SHF is another showstopper. It’s large size (2,3m high) allows for ample storage and it’s regal front doors add an authentic sense of style and elegance to any space. It’s certainly a great piece for some grown-up glamour!

Bourbon Drinks

You could also opt for a more understated look with a shelving system for your drinks. The Bramond Storage is a versatile piece suited for this purpose. With ample shelves and drawers, this piece will serve well to house all your drinks and accessories. Create a nifty display of your favourite bottles or glasses on each shelf and create a beautiful focal point in the room.


Shop the look at SHF.


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