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Nov 5, 2017

The Restaurant Chair by Cane Time

If you’ve ever enjoyed a relaxed brunch with friends in your favourite local bistro, or spent hours lazying about at your neighbourhood coffee shop, then you know the importance of a good quality restaurant chair. Functionality, comfort and visual appeal should blend together in the perfect chair that supports the body and helps you unwind and embrace the beauty of daily living.

Besides practicality, a great restaurant chair should be like a breath of fresh air. When seated, you should not have to worry about comfort and space. On the contrary, the right chair will allow you to take your mind off other things and completely relax (without any worry of the chair’s stability, ease levels or functionality).

You don’t go to a restaurant for the quality of chairs right… but the wrong chair may keep you from returning to that same eating place. Without too much thought, we subconsciously make such decisions based on how our bodies feel at the time which influences our overall experience of a restaurant. As such, the right chair is vital in any space! The all-new outdoor range of chairs by Cane Time is perfect for restaurants, hotels and other public gathering spaces where people meet to celebrate life. Sink in and enjoy a comfortable seat that is easy on the eyes and body!

These trendy chairs are made to last and withstand the elements. Manufactured from polyurethane, they are also completely weatherproof, stackable and oh so easy to clean and maintain. Available in a fun range of colours, you can now get your outdoor chair in white, black, dark brown and cappuccino to suit your space. Don’t worry about sun damage and fading as these beauties are designed with a vital UV protection additive inside.


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