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Jan 22, 2020

Pulpo – Pioneering Furniture Designs

Pulpo is a design editor abounding with experiments and emotion. Blending artisan hand-crafts with a contemporary flair for material and form – Pulpo brings to life the imagination of pioneering designers.

A young furniture brand started in 2006, Pulpo has since become well-known for modern and colourful furniture and home accessories. Pulpo, from the start, has collaborated with renowned designers and architects from all over the world.

Innovative furniture design, lighting and more can be found amongst the Pulpo collections.

Some of their latest ranges include bespoke tables with big impact. As a solitaire for your favourite vase and as a bedside table version, Pulpo offers an eyecatcher made of glass and steel with the three-piece collection alwa.

Together with Sebastian Herkner, Pulpo discovered a preference for the use of cast glass and uses the special production method for the 50 mm thick table top of the alwa tables.

The liquid glass is poured into a special metal mold and solidified for several days. The partially transparent glass element is complemented by a frame made of powder-coated steel (alwa one and alwa two), which forms an exciting contrast to the tabletop due to its material and its edgy, pointed shape. Alwa three impresses with a glass cylinder base on which the table top rests.

For more visit Pulpo.

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