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Pinacle: Turri – The New Collection

Pinnacle is the name of Turri’s new collection entrusted to the award-winning Huang Quan, a leading figure in the Chinese interior design scene. A collection of furnishing accessories that is the perfect synthesis of Eastern philosophy, Western culture and contemporary taste.

The name of the collection embodies its own inspiration: to explain the concept of ‘climax, culmination’, idealized in the English word ‘pinnacle’, we must refer to the Chinese expression ‘Zheng’rong’, which indicates the height, a privileged point of view, a peak.

The first image evoked by association is that of the mountains. It is, therefore, no coincidence that the Zheng Rong principle is the basis of the Shan Shui art movement, a painting style depicting natural landscapes. In fact, Eastern paintings often represent steep and rugged landscapes, which metaphorically evoke a certain moral standing; an approach to life, deeply rooted in Chinese culture, according to which it is necessary to strive for greatness. A relentless commitment and the desire to always broaden one’s horizons raise the human soul to its peak, thus surrounding it with an extraordinary and authoritative aura.

However, in eastern art and philosophy, grandeur must always be balanced by grace and simplicity, just as in mountain landscapes the gentler slopes and streams alternate with the highest peaks.

A Collection of Symbols and Meaning

Pinnacle is therefore a collection full of symbols and meanings, masterfully expressed in every detail. The image of the mountains and nature inspires the shapes, with evident references in the sculptural base of the table or in the slender lines of the vitrine’s legs.

Bold, steep, vigorous strokes, soothed by others that are softer and more circular such as in the enveloping back of the chairs or in the curved sides of the sideboard. Even the choice of materials is not accidental. The marble top is a clear reference to the colours of the rocks, while on the one hand the almost austere grey walnut wood and on the other, the gentler and softer leather, express the balance between grandeur and grace.

Furthermore, the careful craftsmanship tells the commitments and ingenuity necessary to achieve an extraordinary result, and so in this sense Pinnacle becomes a synthesis between different cultures: the eastern one, philosophical and conceptual, and that of the Italian design of Turri, guardian of a great manufacturing tradition.

Contemporary Tastes

Finally, table, chairs, sideboard and vitrine designed by Huang Quan are also an identity statement. With their sinuous lines, sometimes more rugged, sometimes more slender, these new furnishing accessories reveal something of those who choose them. The expression of a modern and contemporary taste, attention to workmanship and choice of materials. Furthermore, they express the desire to embrace that ‘new way of living amidst beauty’ that Turri, with its latest collections, has transformed into a proposal appreciated all over the world.


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