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Paint The Town Red With Kare Design

This Valentine’s Day, we are painting the town red with Kare Design. Bring red to your favourite room and allow this bold, dramatic colour to become the showstopper in your home.

It’s a versatile tone that can brighten up even the dullest of spaces. We love red – and here we show you how you can use this powerful tone to bring new life and new meaning to your favourite spaces…

5 Reasons Why We Love Red Interiors:

  • Red demands attention – it’s bold and alluring and adds a pop of colour in any room.
  • An accent colour – a simple throw, statement seat or bold red-framed mirror is all you need.
  • Brings the drama – red is a fiery, hot and spicy colour; a sure way to up the drama levels in a room.
  • Intimate and cosy – red is a warm hue; the colour of love, passion and intrigue.
  • Contemporary – create a contemporary colour scheme by pairing red with white and blue; or red and black for a retro urban feel.

Shop the look:

At Kare Design, you can choose from an array of bold red furniture, accent pieces and decor. Here are some of our favourites to add that extra shine to your home this Valentine’s month…

Red Seating – Yes Please!

The Boudoir 4-Seater Around Sofa. Richly upholstered and equipped with an extra-soft velvet cover, this sofa meets the highest comfort standards. The continuous buttoning, the elegantly shaped and upward tapering backrests and the surrounding upholstery nails at the lower edge underline the luxurious, eccentric note and provide a touch of glamorous tension.

Red Foot Stool Drawer. A moment ago it was used as a resting place, now its available as a coffee table, and later on it can be used as a footrest. It also loves to function as a meditation seat or bedside table. One thing is clear: the Drawer stool loves changing roles, so it can prove its versatility and mobility.

Armchair Acapulco Cherry. A quick and uncomplicated style upgrade for indoors and outdoors. This design classic can easily be restyled with a fleece or cushion and is available for every application. It can therefore act like an armchair to complement the sofa, in pairs as a substitute for a couch, in the bedroom and, of course, everywhere outside in the fresh air.

Red Accent Pieces

Table Lamp Cafeteria Lounge Rose. This beautiful velvet-finished table lamp adds colour and illumination to your favourite space. The frame is delicately crafted using steel copper-plating and the base features a bold marble finish. An elegant lamp to brighten up a reading nook, bedside table or side table.

Money Box Monkey Kikazaru Red. This playful red moneybox is an eyecatcher. A wonderful gift for any age and will certainly encourage kids to save money. The bold colour stands out and offers a quirky yet fun-loving ambience.

Frame Gem. A fresh-toned frame to display your favourite photograph or artwork. The bold red colour will act as an accent tone and make for a beautiful showcase on a display shelf of side table.

Find out more at Kare Design.


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