Origo: Things to Consider During Your Sofa Search

A quality sofa system is often a furniture staple in the home. It’s one of those pieces that are most used by everyone in the family, including guests. So, before investing in this worthwhile piece of furniture, we bring you some tips and things to consider during your sofa search.

  Consider the room Choose a couch that works within your space. Whether an L-shape, corner unit or freestanding sofa, know the dimensions of your room and if the couch will work in your space parameters. Figure out an ideal layout before you go and purchase a couch – this way you will have more clarity on what sort of shape you are looking for. Price More expensive, does not always mean more value.

In fact, companies such as Origo are changing the way we buy furniture in South Africa. By going direct, cutting out the traditional middlemen and simplifying the supply chain, Origo strips those layers that add costs but no value for customers, and pass those savings on to the consumer, allowing Origo to offer high-end design and superior quality at affordable prices. Design A neutral couch is always a winner as it will work in most design schemes.

Origo has a wide variety of styles available that are perfectly neutral and ideal for modern living spaces. A beautiful sofa in a neutral grey, beige, white or even natural leather finish is a worthwhile investment that can work to complement your look and will also maintain its timeless appeal, even if your design style changes in the seasons ahead. Here we share some of our favourites from Origo, now on promotion with up to 20% off sofa pre-orders!

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