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Furniture Jul 13, 2021

Nolden Bros: Designer Tips To Pick The Perfect Side Table

A side table may not be the main attraction in the room, but it certainly can help to tie the space together. Whether contemporary or modern, classic, Scandi or industrial, there is a side table to suit any space. Follow our guide to help you pick the perfect side table for your home, with some of our favourites from Nolden Bros.

Where do we even begin?

Square, round or oval? Single, grouped or nested? Wood, metal or stone? So many options, so many choices to make when it comes to the right side table for your home. So, let’s start at the very beginning and figure out the right spot for your table upfront.


Find the perfect location for a side table and let the position dictate the shape and size needed here. Does space allow for a focal point? If so, a more detailed table may be the way to go here. Grouped tables or modern nesting tables are also great solutions for bigger spaces. The Enamel Wood Hairpin Table from Nolden Bros is a great versatile option that can be used singularly or grouped. This gorgeous table comes in three different sizes and three different heights so you can find the right one (or three) to fit your space.


Next, consider the height of your table. As a rule, your side table should be equal or just below the arm of its adjacent seating. This makes for easier access and reach when you’re seated. Get out the measuring tape and check it out!

So, when would you choose a shorter table? If your seating has no arms (armless chairs and sofa) a shorter table may work well here. We suggest choosing a table height where the arms would normally sit. It will take a little guess work here but you can certainly measure your current seating and estimate the right height to suit the space.


Next up, the style of your table. We could never dictate your choice of style – whether you’re looking for a streamlined straight-legged option or something with more definition and curves. However, we do suggest that you consider the rest of the furniture in the room. You may want to add some visual interest with an intriguing choice of material or shape. The beautiful Faux Tree Trunk table from Nolden Bros offers a gorgeous organic look that we love.

If your room feels contemporary, you could get away with a bolder choice and more ornate detailing on your side tables. In a Nordic or minimalist space, a streamlined look will certainly add to the aesthetic. The Tripod Range of tables from Nolden Bros offers a streamlined look with added details in tripod legs which are available in Black, Natural or White.

So, the choice is yours! You’re well on your way to picking out side tables like a pro. Be sure to check out the tables on offer from Nolden Bros. Here you’ll find beautiful custom furniture and lighting solutions for your home or office.

Nolden Bros.

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