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Apr 22, 2019

Moroso | Let’s Start Talking About Autumn with The Outdoor Collections

Let’s start talking about Autumn with the gorgeous Outdoor Collections from Moroso. 


The Amaca lounge is a new addition to the M’Afrique collection. A collaboration between M’Afrique artisans in Dakar, Senegal and David Weeks. Amaca’s form is the culmination of working directly with traditional materials, local weaving methods and Moroso’s influential experimental nature.The warp and weft of the weave combined with the spiral nature of the design create a moiré pattern, and can be executed in myriad color combinations.
The piece comes in two diameters: 150 and 175 cm.

Amaca design by David Weeks


The Shadowy collection has a modern, functional approach to form combined with a special regard for old African craft techniques. The patterns are formed by weaving the plastic threads which are commonly used in Africa for making highly colourful fishing nets. This means the product is exceptionally resistant to the sun, water and wear. The frame is made of hand-painted steel tubing.

Shadowy design by Tord Boontje


Imba’s origin comes from the playful combination of two flowing, intertwined loops. The geometry of the inner loop uses a closed woven pattern that provides comfort for the seat and backrest. The external loop, gently wrapped around the seat, creates a space frame for a semi-open weaving that offers intimate space, yet open at the same time.  Made in Dakar, Africa, Imba is an attempted to translate the warm quality of hand crafted, unique artefacts into a collection that invites you for a relaxing moment and a casual conversation with friends.

Imba design by Federica Capitani


The tubular steel frame of Antibodi becomes the starting point which the designer uses for a creative makeover. The frame is disguised and transformed, the seats Tropicalia assume different personalities according to the material used. The wrapping of thread works like pencil lines, creating a surface which is both graphic and structural, both part of its construction and a form of identity: playful when two or three colours are used, sophisticated in a single colour, elegant in leather. Frame is tubolar stainless steel or tubolar steel with powder coat finish, suitable for outdoor use. Polymer cord woven on frame.

Tropicalia design by Patricia Urquiola

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