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Furniture Aug 19, 2020

Maldini: Bookshelf Inspiration For The Living Room

We could all do with more storage at home, especially in spaces where the family gathers and life is shared together. Bookshelves are a simple and effective solution and we’re thrilled to present a range of authentic Italian-inspired Porada bookshelves to elevate the living room…

A place to display your heirlooms and decor collections, showcase your books and favourite accent pieces. Bookshelves are both versatile and stylish options to decorate the living room and provide much-needed storage. From wood and glass combinations to industrial-styled pipe installations, modern bookshelves are innovative and inspiring.

Myria Bookcase in solid canaletta walnut with shelves in smoked tempered glass. If used as a single element the bookcase must be fixed to the wall, when combined in a composition it can be used as a freestanding divider.

Porada’s range of furniture for books made of solid wood includes a considerable number of options, which will certainly facilitate your choice.

  • A wall-mounted bookshelf does not take up much space in the room and provides enough space to accommodate a large amount of literature. In addition, you can place a flower vase on it, decorative elements and photo frames to emphasize its beauty.
  • Floating bookshelves. These designs have one stand that is attached to the wall. Suitable for magazines or other light books.
  • Stair bookshelves and bookcases represent the perfect combination of style and functionality. These products lean against the wall and give a unique look to your living room. Such a bookshelf is easy to carry and does not take up much space. Thus, it can be placed anywhere in your home. It covers only the vertical space of the room and offers an excellent storage option.
  • The versatility and functionality of the bookshelf is the perfect solution for creating an unobstructed environment for books in your home. Porada’s wooden bookshelves, located against the wall or in the center of the room, create a special, readable atmosphere.

Ubiqua (Bookshelves in clear glass and brown metal.)

A bookshelf is ideal for achieving a minimalist look and vibrant features. Fine-wood trim enhances the natural texture of the finished product. The design of bookshelves perfectly improves the look of your room and easily complements it with any finished interior.

First (Bookshelves in canaletta walnut.)

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