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Furniture May 17, 2021

Malabar: The Wanderlust Collection of Jewel-Like Pieces

Furniture that doubles as art. The Wanderlust collection from Malabar is a celebration of materials, textures and exotic places. The result is beautiful artistic furniture creations with soul.


Suppose Design Office, an interior architecture studio, located in Hiroshima, Japan, once created a project that brought nature into an urban environment. By distributing a huge number of cardboard pipes from the ceiling, they provided a feeling of walking through an exotic forest or an impressive cavern.

With this inspiration, several pieces were created and a family was born.

As part of it, the following items have been cleverly crafted, available from Malabar. These jewel-like pieces celebrate the beauty of nature in urban environments…


The Wanderlust Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall… The Wanderlust Mirror is certainly one of the fairest of them all! This is a vibrant circular mirror filled with jewel-like details. It is beautifully structured in polished brass with marble and walnut wood root accents. Subsequently, Wanderlust Mirror can be incorporated into an interior as a unique piece of art on any wall.

The Wanderlust Dining Table

The Wanderlust Dining Table features a sum of polished brass pipes with a variety of heights and widths. It evidently evokes a natural flair to elevate the dining room. Each piece, which is handmade, is therefore unique in enhancing the decór of a room. As a result, the table is eye-catching with a bold, clear glass for added elegance.

The Wanderlust Side Table

The Wanderlust Side Table also finds inspiration as a piece that hints at nature in an urban setting. The side table features a variety of pipes in polished brass and walnut root. A perfectly complementary table when paired with others from the collection.

More about Malabar

Malabar’s unique artistic furniture ranges are defined through a preference for noble woods and exquisite marbles. There is a synergy between designers and artisans here. This is what makes Malabar’s art possible as it is shared across the globe. People from different countries and cultures can now experience the beauty of their collections through exhibitions and trade shows.

For more visit Malabar.


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