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Dec 19, 2018

Light It Up With Core Outdoor Furniture

Spanish brand, New Garden, specializes in designer garden furniture and accessories that are not only useful but beautiful too. A light-hearted brand with the slogan “be happy”, New Garden makes use of light, colour, music, design, and texture to present a different way to enjoy a more Mediterranean atmosphere in the outdoor home environment.

Starting as an innovative brand of garden lighting, New Garden has grown into an international company with products in more than 17 countries worldwide. Their new range of outdoor “emotional” furniture breaks the norms associated with outdoor entertaining by introducing furniture that has the capability of doubling up as a music speaker. New Garden’s contemporary furniture effectively merges the worlds of design and technology to create environments that transform the way in which one understands and interacts with the world.

The Buly Light by New Garden provides evocative lighting to create the perfect mood.
Advanced new solar technology allows this light to glow brightly at night while charging easily during the day. It is able to glow in a specific colour or fade through many. Easy to use remote control, sturdy and durable, Buly is also suitable for hospitality use.

New Garden also offers an array of outdoor floor lamps, tables and seating solutions for a modern and playful outdoor entertainment area. The Capri Dining table for example boasts sophisticated solar technology that guarantees superior performance with quality materials suitable for harsh weather conditions.

The Corfu Bar Stool by New Garden brings with it the innovative RGB lighting system and solar smart tech. Made of polyethylene, each stool is light and resistant to extreme temperatures with built-in UV protection.

Take a look at some of the exciting offerings from New Garden and the wide variety of outdoor furniture from leading designers now available from Core Furniture:

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