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Jul 27, 2018

Laser Edge Designs: Learn To Decorate with Acrylic Furniture

Modern homes boast a mix of eclectic design styles and innovative furniture offerings. Laser Edge Designs remains on the cusp of furniture innovation with a stunning range of acrylic furniture for any contemporary space. Here we share some interesting ways to bring this trend home and decorate your space with acrylic furniture!

Innovative Dining

Bring timeless luxury to your home with a traditional dining table in a not-so-traditional finish such as acrylic. This acrylic piece by Laser Edge Designs offers a contemporary edge for the classic home. A striking piece that won’t add visual clutter to your space – in fact, a gorgeous acrylic table will become a talking point in your dining room! Pair your acrylic table with traditional upholstered dining chairs for an eclectic yet elegant look!

Tables and accessories

Sleek, streamlined and sophisticated, acrylic furniture is on trend and will add to your home’s modern appeal. Whether a lamp, cocktail table, or chair, these pieces minimize the impact of bold accessories thanks to their sleek lines and sharp edges. Their transparent nature makes them visually appealing, adding wonderful reflective qualities to any space.

Laser Edge Designs also produce an array of accessories including luxury display trays, cosmetic boxes and more!

The bedroom

In the bedroom, think a custom chair or side table – in acrylic, you’ll have a beautiful timeless piece that will add to your contemporary design style. You can also add an acrylic lamp to your nightstand and ensure a quality piece to add some illumination to your master suite.

Laser Edge Designs also produces a magnificent Damask Mirror, which is the perfect modern piece to bring style and luxury to your home. Available in solid black and white.

Make a statement in your home with elegant acrylic furniture, timeless and never dull.

For more information or to view the many magnificent offerings available in acrylic, visit Acrylyso by Laser Edge Designs.


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