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Furniture Jan 14, 2021

Laser Edge Designs: Acrylic Furniture Ideas For A Trendy Living Space

We’re obsessed with beautiful interiors and curated furniture. The latest in acrylic furniture from Laser Edge Design definitely has our attention. Here we share some trendy ideas to incorporate acrylic furniture into a modern home.

Bespoke Dining Experiences

Say goodbye to traditional wood or metal dining tables. Make a dramatic statement with an oversized acrylic dining table and matching chairs. The reflective qualities will make your room appear even bigger than it is, and you won’t have to worry too much with a detailed colour scheme as these beauties are transparent and will further reflect the many trendy tones around the room. We are in love!

From the table down to the chairs, every last detail of your dining room should ooze sophisticated living. And how beautiful is this styled room featuring acrylic pieces for added definition! Sleek acrylic ghost chairs are the real winner here!

Side Table Deluxe

Let’s not skimp on the details now! In the living room, smaller furniture items can also add a wow factor. Take for instance this beautiful geometric side table in acrylic. A wonderful statement piece that doubles as a place to add your decor. Pair your focal acrylic furniture item with light tones and textural accents for a truly refined and elegant living room.

Sensational Desks and Tables

In your home, think about the many spaces where you can use a simple table or desk! From the home office to your entertainment area, living or even dining room. Now imagine the possibilities with acrylic as your wing-man! An acrylic desk is a sure way to elevate your home office – especially when there is such a great need for working from home during this pandemic! A side table, console table or dining table is another great way to highlight acrylic as a striking material to lighten, brighten and enhance your space.

Light It Up

Modern lighting trends sees a beautiful mix of materials, from organic textiles to wood, metal, glass and more. We love the latest acrylic lighting from Laser Edge as it adds to a contemporary and sleek ambience. It’s all about those linear shapes and movements that will certainly uplift the living room.

Patio Perfection

Take your indoor style outside too! Beautiful acrylic seating and a coffee table are the perfect additions to a covered patio or step. Enjoy summer cocktails on your patio and unwind on bespoke acrylic furniture pieces.

If you’re looking for the ideal piece, look no further than Laser Edge.

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