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Apr 3, 2020

LaForma SA: Working From Home? Make It Great

At some point in your working career, you have most probably dreamed of it, even wished for it… for sure not in these circumstances… but why not make the most of a difficult situation and make working from home a great experience!

Here’s what you can do to enhance your work space at home…

Set up a comfortable, pleasing work-space. Make it yours. Make it productive with a bit of you! This is where you connect with the world. Add some of your personality to this space. Bring in some of your favourite colours and decor to create a unique space you’ll enjoy. If you’re looking for inspiration visit online stores such as LaForma SA for ideas and furniture to enhance your home and office. Here you’ll find everything from storage and shelving to seating, decor and more.

With the entire family at home during South Africa’s 21-day lockdown, it may be best to find a spot in your home where you can work quietly and effectively. This may mean clearing out the spare bedroom or converting an area in the living room into a functional workspace, away from the bustle of your family.

Remember, these are extraordinary times and you may need to make some sacrifices to accommodate both your family life and work at home. We are all in this together. Who knows, remote working may become a standard around the world as a result of this difficult time. If so, you want to be prepared and make the most of your space.

Keep cool and remain calm, relax and turn this into an opportunity – stay at home, be safe and keep sanitising.

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