Karongwe Furniture: Crafting Solid Wood Creations

Solid wood furniture is a timeless and elegant addition to any interior. Not only does wood bring a depth of warmth and richness to any space, but it is also both durable and versatile to suit almost any design scheme.

When it comes to quality seating, wood is always a great option. It is one material that has stood the test of time. A beautifully crafted solid wood chair is a staple in the home – bringing style, poise and durability to your favourite spaces.

Karongwe Furniture shares a deep passion for the art of crafting solid wood furniture. Here you will find a wide selection of quality pieces to suit your home.

There are no shortcuts when making solid wood furniture. Karongwe takes pride in superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in every piece that they make. The reward is to know that each piece was crafted with the Karongwe philosophy of using premium solid hardwoods, classic joining methods and superior finishing techniques.

Karongwe was founded by Tino Roets in 1997. A Mathematics and Science teacher by trade, he tinkered and crafted as a spare time hobby. He always had a passion for crafting with his hands. It is this passion that led to the creation of Karongwe Furniture two decades ago.

Today they are a second generation family business owned by husband and wife team, Dalain and Elizé Roets, sharing a love for wood and crafting beautiful furniture for clients all over the world.

Karongwe’s commitment is toward their staff and clients, the people responsible for the success of the business. Products are 100% locally designed and manufactured. Artisans are trained in-house by master craftsmen. They are a client-centered organisation and strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering personal service.

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