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Furniture Jun 25, 2024

Inspiration Office: Potrero 415 table by Coalesse

Offering a refreshing antidote to the conventional conference room, the Potrero415 table by Coalesse is the latest innovative work solution available from Steelcase and Inspiration Office.

“Potrero415 supports all the ways your people work: inside or outside a meeting room, sitting or standing, for long sessions or short bursts of creative energy,” says Steelcase.

“Designed for creative collaborators, Potrero415 is at the vanguard of a new standard of craft that looks better, feels better, and performs better.

Available in a wide variety of materials, shapes (rectangular, boat, round and square) and sizes, the Potrero415 allows users to create inspiring settings, from open-plan casual to conference-room formal. Available in two heights, sitting or standing, and two frame options, solid wood or steel with or without decorative leg rings, the design’s lightness, strength and comfortable scale invite creative gatherings.

“Potrero415 offers a better way to work together,” adds Coalesse.

“Discreet technology and power options accommodate work tools. And thanks to its patented, cleverly engineered framework and leg system, Potrero415 can be sized for any organisation or application.”

Characterised by comfort, craft and customisation, the Potrero415 is a social focal point in any work environment, allowing users everywhere to live well and work well.

Steelcase is locally available from Inspiration Office.

Creators of bespoke office solutions, Inspiration Office is the leading supplier of office furniture in South Africa.

Founded in 2005, today, the company has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and stocks an impressive range of award-winning international brands and products, from seating to accessories to streamline your office and work day.
Contact: Inspiration Office.
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