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Furniture Aug 17, 2020

Inova Contracts: HAY Launches The Revolutionary Revolt Chair

HAY is pleased to introduce the revolutionary Revolt Chair, originally designed by Friso Kramer for Ahrend and relaunched by Ahrend with HAY. Launching soon in HAY stores, Revolt joins its cousin, the Result Chair, in a range of classic design pieces by Friso Kramer that HAY has added to its collection, fusing history with contemporary style. Revolt is also available through agents Inova Contracts in South Africa.

Distinguished by its flexible back, its versatility, and its extreme comfort, Revolt is perfectly suited to the dynamic nature of the contemporary lifestyle, as it can be used in various settings and many contexts, from office work to studying or even long evenings at the dining table with guests.

Why have you decided to add Revolt to the HAY furniture collection?

Rolf Hay: The Result Chair would never have existed without the Revolt Chair, which came first. Our goal is to build up a collection of HAY relaunches of classic Friso Kramer products. I consider them to be absolutely important chairs in the history of contemporary European design. Then obviously, when you consider relaunching something which already has been in production, you need to consider: is there anything we can put into this chair from our own time? And we were very sure about that from the beginning because we wanted to introduce this chair with a reused material. We wanted to produce the seat and the back from reused plastic material. That’s 2020 content, and a 2020 contribution to this historic chair, it’s about creating a chair with a higher sustainability profile.


What is noteworthy about Revolt, in the history or design?

Rolf Hay: What I like about Friso Kramer’s work, is that he was approaching design in a way I feel connected to. He cared about creating something that could be manufactured in a large capacity, in order to make a high-quality product that would be cost efficient for a larger audience. He was doing something in a new and different way, he was always innovating. Normally these chairs would be made from steel tube, which is extremely complicated to develop. But he made them from bent steel sheet. Each element here is pressed, but when that is done then it’s easy to produce. Steel sheet is 70% less expensive than a steel tube, and it makes a product that is very light and very strong. Friso was obsessed by creating products with nearly an endless lifetime.

How would you describe Revolt?

Rolf Hay: This chair is unique, it’s independent. It’s without any references. Nothing in the world looks like this chair. And when you create a frame like this, you create a frame that can live forever. It has a flexible back, it’s the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in.

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