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Jan 17, 2017

Health benefits of recliners

Reclining furniture is regarded by most as a space-saving alternative to an ottoman, and a form of supremely comfortable furniture in which to unwind and relax. There are a number of ways reclining can improve your health and overall well being. We speak to Claire Gibson from leading motion furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, to find out how:


Relieves stress

The accumulated stresses of everyday modern life can damage your health in irreversible ways. Studies have proven that an extensive range of health problems can be directly ascribed to stress, which triggers the heart and mind in negative ways leaving your body open to the repercussion of strain of everyday life. A recliner allows you to alleviate stress by offering you a comfortable and well-supported place in which to rest and relax.

Relieves discomfort associated with pregnancy

Being pregnant is often associated with being uncomfortable – some of the most common ailments include swollen ankles, tight fingers, achy joints, lower back pain and a general heaviness. A recliner positioned in the living room is the ideal answer: the angle of a reclining recliner takes the weight off of the front carriage of a pregnant woman’s body and helps to line up her centre of gravity. It also provides an ideal place to nurse the baby once it arrives – offering excellent neck and back support for the feeding mother.

Improved circulation

Healthy blood circulation is essential for achieving the ultimate health by supplying organs and tissues with freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients from the tip of the head, fingers all the way down to the toes. Relaxing in a recliner with your feet up as often as possible can go a long way to alleviating any bad circulation caused by standing for too long.

Relieves achy joints

Arthritis sufferers can use a recliner to help angle their joints correctly in order to improve blood circulation in the affected area. In fact, some doctors even recommend that arthritic patients sleep in a recliner instead of in a bed to allow for better circulation and to keep the muscles pulling downward.

Helps back pain sufferers

A good quality recliner will offer excellent lumbar support to your entire body – it has been scientifically proven that this helps to reduce back pain.

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