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Grass ZA Takes Modular Organisation to a New Level

Introducing Tavinea 91, a whole new way to organise your life, thanks to Grass ZA and the newest technology in modular organising systems with timeless designs for the home.

Tavinea 91 is an interior accessory system for organising drawers which is planned down to the last detail. It has been lovingly crafted to suit the modern lifestyle and help you regain order in your home. Insert it into a drawer and ensure that every item has a home, is easily accessible, and never out of reach. It is simple and sleek, offering modern designs that will work in any contemporary setting. Need to gain focus and tidy up your interior spaces? No problem. Tavinea 91 is for you! Use these modular systems for drawers in offices, kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. The possibilities are endless. The timeless, puristic design is also contemporary, without grooves, edges or holes. Arrangement and size of the compartments are variable, offering clever individual space organisation to help you tidy up even the smallest of objects. Structural inserts consist of quality aluminium with solid wood, and with unique non-slip mats for a firm grip and silent storage. Both functional and beautiful in form, Tavinea 91 transforms organisation, from mundane to a sensual delight. Whether Nova Pro, DWD XP, Vionaro or a classic wooden drawer – Tavinea 91 adapts perfectly to all conventional GRASS drawer systems, to the millimetre. The Tavinea 91 structure elements can also be selected to match the frame colour of the GRASS movement systems.

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