Eleven Past: Go Chic With Wood and Metal

Industrial chic design is all about using raw and exposed materials in an edgy and contemporary fashion. From the finishes and architectural design of a room down to the finer details and furniture, you can get the ideal industrial chic look with wood and metal. Shop the look at Eleven Past with some of our top picks of the season to achieve your perfect Industrial design.

Wood When it comes to an industrial chic layout, wood is a great element to add warmth to what could otherwise be seen as a very sterile and harsh environment. Wood works well to add colour, texture and interest to an interior. Choose furniture with bold wooden finishes – the natural texture of wood, with fissures, cuts and grooves, will add to the overall authentic Industrial look you are hoping to achieve. Think out of the box – solid wood is a great timeless addition that can be used for many years to come.

Always opt for quality wood that will enhance the overall look of your space. Interesting wooden pieces can complement your existing furniture or bring in a whole new collection of wooden pieces to create a whole new interior design that complements the industrial chic design style you want to achieve. Metal Bring metal into your design through carefully crafted furniture that incorporates wire mesh, grids and metallic finishes.

We love the innovation of metal paired with wood and other raw materials to create an edgy, fresh and contemporary vibe. From light fittings to metallic accent furniture, metal is great for a relaxed yet modern atmosphere. Find the perfect pieces to blend into your industrial chic design from Eleven Past. Their contemporary range of innovative furniture and accessories are ideal for modern living. Here we share some of our favourite picks now in store at Eleven Past.

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