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Furniture Jul 13, 2021

Eco Design By Roche Bobois

Respecting the planet starts with you and I. As human activity increasingly impacts the environment, we need to develop new approaches to creation and quality. At Roche Bobois, quality and creativity are fundamental for eco-design.


Roche Bobois introduces a new qualitative evaluation system, Eco8, in collaboration with the FCBA (Forest Technology Institute Cellulose Wood-Construction Furniture).

Eco8 allows the team to measure the impact of Roche Bobois products on the environment. Furthermore, it helps find solutions to improve them, whenever possible.

“We are developing new products, making eco-consciousness priority everytime, as well as rethinking existing models to make them more virtuous. More than 150 of them have already been evaluated.”

Eco8 is based on 8 criteria grouped in 4 categories… 


1 – Environmental profile/evaluation of materials used for structures (recyclability, etc.).
2 – Environmental profile/evaluation of materials used for coatings.


3 – Colours, varnishes, glues and finishes used.
4 – Environmental practices implemented in workshops (certifications …).


5 – Durability of the product.
6 – Where applicable: type of lighting and performance of the light source of the product.


7 – Quantity of materials used.
8 – Separability of the materials used.

Each of these 8 criteria is rated from 1 to 4, and an average is then calculated. A product is thus considered ‘eco-designed’ when it obtains a score greater or equal to 3.

Let’s take a look at some of Roche Bobois’s top designs…

Aster Dining Table

The multiple solid oak Y-shaped pieces allows you to adapt the base to support any size top. This graphic and mathematical table was designed by French-Algerian designer Reda Amalou.

Scala China Unit

Research Lead of the Roche Bobois design team, Bina Baitel wanted the Scala collection to showcase movement on the surfaces. The many oak overlays create a dynamic three-dimensional effect that therefore, looks different from every angle.

Legend Bookcase

With Legend, Christophe Delcourt created a piece that is simultaneously inspired by and respectful of nature. Made entirely of solid wood and with an eco-conceived ethos, each piece is thus unique and preserves all of the natural characteristics of the tree from which it is made.

Lady B. Armchair

Lady B is an original, poetic, and eco-friendly piece. It is also a reinterpretation of the “conversation” armchair and the winner of the Roche Bobois Design Award in 2014.

Discover more at Roche Bobois.


  1. Eva Mazza

    July 16, 2021

    Hi there, where about are you and how much is number 3 (the glass round table) and what is the cost?

    • Marcia Margolius


      July 19, 2021

      Please contact Roche Bobois directly branches in Cape Town and Gauteng


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