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Decor Tips: How To Choose Bar Stools For Your Home

Bar stools can be used in more than just one area of your home. If you can’t think of any other spaces other than your kitchen island, then you need to keep reading. Here we bring you all the decor tips on how to choose and place bar stools within different areas of your interior.

The Kitchen

Yes, the kitchen is the obvious area where you may need a bar stool, or two, or three. Whether you have a large kitchen island where your family likes to gather for breakfast or a little sunny nook against a window. A high table and a pair of bar stools may give your space that designer edge!

You can also maximise a large countertop by tucking a few bar stools underneath. Kids want to join in while you prepare dinner? Whip out a bar stool and get them involved in meal prep!

There are many different styles and colours of bar stools available today. Besides the look and ambience you want to create in your kitchen, one of the more important considerations for your kitchen would be height. Countertops range from 90 cm to 100cm, so you’ll need a counter stool that ranges from 60 to 66cm high.

A home bar

Create the perfect spot for drinks, entertainment and more at a home bar area. Here you can include a bar stool or two to make the experience a little more authentic.

In a home bar, you could also be a little more adventurous with your decor styling. Beautiful Urban and industrial designs are often popular in these spaces. Bar tops are usually higher than kitchen countertops, so again, the height of your bar stool is important.

In fact, one of the more versatile options could be to opt for adjustable bar stools where you can conveniently shift the height as you need it. Bar tops are usually around 100 – 11om cm high, so opt for a bar stool about 71 to 76cm tall.


A Kids’ Craft Area

Create a little nook where your family can get creative. Instead of them cluttering up the dining table with glitter and glue, why not add a high table and a few bar stools in a secluded area dedicated to other activities like homework, crafts, reading and more.

In a Family Room

Sometimes, after a long day, all you want to do is turn on the telly and eat dinner at the same time. So, instead of crashing on the couch and possibly staining your lovely furniture, why not create a little nook for eating in a family room. A small bistro table and bar stools can be a trendy spot for the whole family to enjoy.

Some of our favourite trends at the moment:

  • Wooden bar stools – timeless, classic and durable
  • Metallic accents – a little luxe, elegant and ideal in a contemporary room
  • Upholstered seating – all about comfort and style, upholstered bar stools should be easy to wipe down too.
  • Rattan – earthy, rustic and laid-back, ideal in a family room or kitchen

Shopping Guide:

We’ve rounded up our favourite bar stools from top suppliers…


Sienna Bar Stool – Teak – Viro Twist Braid – Black by La Grange Interiors


Radius Kitchen Stool by minima

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