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Furniture Jul 12, 2021

Da Rocha Interiors: Tips To Style Your Master Bedroom

It’s the main room in the whole house and its design should be focused around you. The master bedroom should be a place of ultimate relaxation and luxury. From bold finishes to personalised art, we bring you a few professional tips to help you style your bedroom with ease.

Serenity and Calm

It’s the one room where you should feel totally relaxed and enjoy peaceful rest every single night. A great way to embrace a sense of calm is to choose calming colours for your design scheme. Cool colours like blue and green may help to create a soothing ambience but neutrals like white and grey are equally appealing for a serene bedroom environment. Opt for calming tones that will help you get better sleep and feel more rested each morning.

Bold Patterns

Don’t be afraid of a splash of colour and pattern in your bedroom. A feature wall or a headboard may be the ideal spot to explore a dynamic pattern. It’s a great way to bring subtle vibrancy to your space without overwhelming the entire room. Bold patterns can also be incorporated into your soft furnishings like throws, scatters, curtains and more.

Old and New

We love a blend of old-world charm with modern finishes. There is something about this combo that brings depth to a bedroom. So, find a way to incorporate that vintage heirloom piece with your modern colour scheme. A mix of materials, finishes and tones will add depth and interest to this space.

Don’t ignore the Ceiling

Your ceiling is the fifth wall in the bedroom. Why not get creative and add a little splash of colour to the ceiling to make a statement. If you’ve gone for neutral walls, you could try a pop of colour on the ceiling. Another playful option would be to wallpaper the ceiling and add a fun touch to your room.

Statement Lighting

Add lighting that will become a focal point in the room. Nothing says luxury living better than a large chandelier above the main bed! Go for glam with a crystal chandelier or opt for a more modern industrial look with a playful luminaire that sparks interest here. Remember to invest in other light sources for your room too! Bedside lighting is essential and you could also opt for a few wall sconces to help better illuminate your room as needed.

Whatever your design style, you can achieve a beautiful, inviting and serene master bedroom. Looking for more tips or professional help? Our friends from Da Rocha Interiors bring a wealth of design knowledge to help create spectacular rooms with a fresh and exciting eye for detail. They offer specialised bespoke furniture manufacturing, interior design and interior decorating services.

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