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Oct 20, 2019

Cosy Up Your Home With Ashley Furniture

Your home should be that one place where you can experience ultimate rest. If not, it is time to reconsider your furnishings and create a cosier, comfortable space that you can enjoy. Here we share a few tips to bring comfort to your home, with thanks to Ashley Furniture.

  1. Create Layers

A quick and easy way to add warmth and a cosy ambience in your home is to layer throws and scatters and introduce soft textures to ensure a comfy and inviting space. Consider the different soft furnishings in your room – think curtains, rugs, scatters and more. If your room is feeling a little cold and sterile, perhaps invest in a variety of beautiful textured layers to add warmth and comfort back into your space.

2. Introduce Patterns And Colour

A simple pop of colour is often enough to change the atmosphere in a room. Consider the colours that make you feel happy and welcome. Think about how best to incorporate these colours and patterns into your room. Stripes are often on trend and can help to subtle introduce a new colour palette into your space. Accessorize with your chosen colours in mind and create an inviting colour scheme that you’ll love.

3. Style A Beautiful Table For the Season

Whether it is Spring or Autumn, you can learn to style according to the seasons and introduce a fresh new look into your home. In Spring, think about adding florals and vases to your coffee table. In Autumn, warmer colours and a mix of candles, soft furnishings and glassware may help to create a cosy space. We love the idea of styling a simple wooden tray and placing this on an ottoman as a seasonal decor statement, as featured below. Tip: recreate a similar tray at home to suit a playful Halloween theme this month!

Whatever your choice, Ashley Furniture offers a selection of furniture and accessories to help you personlise your home!

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