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Core Furniture Welcomes Premium Vondom Chairs

Discover the beauty of Premium chairs by Vondom in striking new shades – modern, elegant and of course, avant-garde in any space. These beauties are now available locally through agents Core Furniture.

LEFT: Delta by Jorge Pensi and RIGHT: Africa by Eugeni Quitllet

Vondom launches new colours that go beyond simplicity: Gold and Silver. Finishing with a visual impact that adds glamour, beauty, magic and modernity – these are a must in terms of style and design, to suit any space! These finishings are available in some of Vondom’s iconic chairs: Africa, Wall Street and Delta, designed by Eugeni Quitllet and Jorge Pensi. Although each of the chairs comes from a different designer, these metallic finishings provide them parallel effects that are, at least, surprising, special and luxurious. Features which, no element goes unnoticed but the opposite, are highlighted as if they were beautiful prizes.

That is the touch that Vondom wants to give to any space, home, office, restaurant, hotel or lobby; to become unique, exclusive, sophisticated… in a word: Premium! We particularly love the streamlined shape of these edgy, modern and appealing chairs. In striking shades of gold and silver, these emit a real sense of style and luxury to elevate even the most simple of outdoor spaces. Whether inside or out, these beauties will do wonders to elevate your design style and bring a touch of class to your favourite areas. Find out more about these stylish offerings here.   Bring the style of Premium Vondom chairs home. For more visit Core Furniture.

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