Core Furniture: A New Point of View

Life is too short to settle for the conventional. When it comes to interior design, global trends and breakthroughs in modern furniture design are making a mark on the world and giving consumers a whole new point of view! The result is something far from conventional – furniture with up to the minute design that continues to leave a lasting impression. Spanish furniture brand Point brings us just that – a fascinating collection of impressionable furniture now available from Core Furniture Concepts in South Africa.

At Core Furniture Concepts, design and function are key as they aim to provide quality seating solutions to the growing hospitality industry. Core distributes superior brands of furniture from as far abroad as Spain and Italy. Point furniture is one such internationally renowned brand, from Spain, now available locally through Core Furniture Concepts. Their ranges offer high-end products suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. The focus is on indoor and outdoor seating as well as general leisure areas.

Point is all about outdoor living – creating luxury seating environments to be enjoyed through all the seasons. With Point, you are offered unique designs to match just about any exterior space, for year-long outdoor enjoyment and magical entertainment in nature. Pal, featured above, is a modular outdoor sofa system made with a solid teak platform and upholstered modules. This collection offers endless relaxation in various positions to suit the individual. Pal is about infinite outdoor possibilities!  
At Point, every piece of furniture is handcrafted, made by artisans who take great care of the finer details to guarantee durability.
Weave by Vincent Martinez (seen below) is created from intricately woven materials and hints at the craftsmanship of Baya Weaver birds, who carefully build their nests with precision and meticulous detail, weaving and knotting every fibre into a masterpiece. Similarly, this sofa system is a celebration of the craft of beautifully woven materials. The result is a seat that serves as the perfect spot to curl up with a good read and take in the sounds and sights of nature.

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