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Furniture Apr 10, 2024

Zorora Connect For Best Moments

The best moments in life happen on the sofa.

Getting cosy with your lover, chatting with friends, curling up with your pet, playing with your little ones or putting your feet up after a long day – we do it all on our sofas.

Realising that “the best moments in life happen on a sofa,”  Zorora Connect is on a mission to turn these “best moments” into the greatest moments by offering South African clients not only the best-quality locally crafted sofas but also the best in sofa technology and innovation – all at an affordable price.

Everything’s Good

“When we say ‘everything’ we mean it. From the coveted designs and the locally sourced raw materials to the impeccable craftsmanship and impressively fast delivery, we don’t compromise on a single thing. We are challenging the norm. Challenging the idea that luxury furniture has to come at a high cost. Instead, we have revolutionised the way we make furniture. Now you can custom design your very own made-to-order sofa at an affordable price.”

The Way You Like It

“Using our customisation tool, you can customise the fabric and the cushion fill of your sofa. Our customisation tool gives you a live preview of your design so you can glimpse it before placing your order. Of course, we have also entrusted the help of our skilled designers to give you a head start. They have put their creative minds together to come up with a beautiful range of home-enhancing designs for you to choose from. All you need to do is select your favourite and make it your own. Drawing inspiration from the way our grandfathers crafted furniture, Zorora Connect strikes the perfect balance between classic luxury and modern, minimalist design ready for you to add your personal touches. And for design advice? Look no further. You can consult with our experienced design team to bring the sofa of your dreams to life.”

Redefining The Way South Africans Do Furniture

“With over 120 years of combined industry experience, our skilled team have spent the last two years developing a completely new way to design & manufacture furniture. Using the latest technology, we’ve developed a unique manufacturing process never before seen in SA. Once you have custom-designed your (no doubt beautiful) sofa, we will have it crafted and ready for delivery in just 20 business days. We have created a process that tips its hat to traditional craftsmanship while also adopting smart manufacturing to automate and optimise the way we make sofas. That’s not to say there aren’t an array of people involved in the creation of your sofa. Zorora Connect is the love child of South Africa’s most talented engineers, designers and craftsmen who all work together to bring magic to your home.”

Here For A Good Time And A Long Time

“We take the best materials available and craft them into something special. Our choice of premium, durable materials even extends to the plush cushioning we provide. Not only are Zorora Connect sofas deliciously cosy, but they will also stand the test of time so you can enjoy them for many years to come. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our sofas we provide a 10-year warranty on the frame and suspension of our sofas.”

Contact: Zorora Connect

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